About this work

EMBODIMENT. An emerging new body of research has revealed the significance of the inner intelligence residing in our body-mind. Those who can access this body intelligence—the gut-level feelings, the heart’s desires, and what moves them (and what doesn’t)—navigate through life with much greater power and integration. We really do have “3 brains” that not only govern our mental intelligence (IQ), but also a ‘brain’ in our heart area that evokes our emotional intelligence (EQ), and a ‘brain’ in our gut that moves our body intelligence (BQ).

INNER INTELLIGENCE.  I developed Body Presence—my signature modality in the field of Body-Centered Therapy—to help people get  real, grounded, and at home in their brilliant, embodied inner intelligence. Drawing upon my movement background, bodywork training, and psycho-spiritual knowledge, Body Presence evolved into a grand synthesis, creating a physicalized foundation for integrating spirit, emotions and body.

3 CENTERS.  This is more than just a theoretical framework….