Body Centered Therapy

Unraveling the Inner Stories of Psyche & Soma

E-Motion:  The movement of emotion and how its energies and dynamics either flow gracefully…or become blocked within our emotional field.

Benefit:  When you access and understand the body’s inner language—your gut-level feelings, heart’s desire, what moves you and what doesn’t—you navigate through life with much greater resilience, power and integration.

Approach:  BCT Private Sessions explore the depth of our body-mind connection using a synergistic blend of emotional dialogue, body- and breath-work and re-patterning.


  • Private Sessions in BCT: 1 – 1 ½ hours in person or via Skype
  • Training for Therapists – Ongoing trainings to incorporate Body-Centered approaches into your clinical practices
  • Embodying the Soul (Full-day workshop)