Body Presence Central

Embodiment may be one of the most important areas of our lives to create health and happiness, but putting our attention on really being present with our bodies is one of the last things we structure in our daily schedule.

Imagine incorporating a dedicated, 1-hour experiential session every two weeks to anchor your body presence…and explore areas such as:  owning your power,  breath-flow to kick-start your energy, listening to your body’s signals, and strategies to resolve body-mind conflicts.

You’ll also learn tools & techniques to live more comfortably and deliciously in your genius body.  Benefits include: more congruence between your heart and mind, more integrated decision-making,  accessing body-based intuition, learning to flow more gracefully through your daily activities, and much, much more.

Groups will be small–4-8 people–so you’ll get plenty of personalized attention.

Fee: $95 per month, includes two 1-hour sessions.                                                                                                                                                                                                 Only $75 per month when you sign up for 3 months in advance.