Body Presence Facilitator Training

Begins April 2015

This 5-month training program is designed for therapists/coaches/trainers/teachers to expand and enrich their personal experience and professional integration of a body-based approach to personal development.

Intention:  To deepen our professional experience of Being connected and grounded in a body-centered way to all our emotions, feelings, and body intelligence…moving ourselves and our clients, and all our relations, to evolve and grow through their body wisdom, culturing authentic Presence along the way.

Professional Benefit:  Accessing the field of Body Intelligence is on the cutting edge of transformational work on this planet.  Terms such as “body-based” or “body-centered” have almost become synonymous in the healing world with that which is authentic, grounded and real.  Bottom line: Therapists who incorporate body-based approaches into their practice position themselves as change agents on the leading-edge of personal growth.  The result—greater receptivity to and success in your work.

Program Details:

The Training Program will meet via Skype video twice a month for 90 minutes, starting in March and continuing through July.

Sessions are usually scheduled for (Australian time) Saturday mornings and late Friday afternoon in the U.S.  Program sessions continue on alternate weeks, with specific details and times being worked out by group consensus.

All sessions will be recorded for playback and review, or can be accessed if a session is missed.

This training will be highly personal and interactive, and limited to a maximum of 6-9 participants.

Each session will be self-sufficient, but additional readings and/or videos will be suggested for those who wish to deepen their knowledge.

One of the best ways to learn about this Body-Centered approach is through the direct experience of a private session.  Private sessions with Michael Starfield will be optional, but strongly encouraged.  To make private session-work more accessible, these privates will be available to participants at a reduced cost.  (Details to be discussed.)


Curriculum  (This list is not comprehensive, but just gives a flavor of the types of areas we will be exploring):

  • Accessing Your Field of Body Presence & Listening to Body Signals
  • Harnessing & Integrating Awareness, Breath and Movement to Deepen Body Presence
  • Exploring Your Body’s Intuition—Getting a Clear Read on ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ Signals
  • The Art of Somatic Focusing
  • Interweaving Awareness/Breath/Movement to Unravel Stuck Somatic Energies
  • The Play of Opposites and How to Shift Dynamically-Opposed Energies
  • Exploring Movement Flow to Unravel Body Blocks
  • Creating a Safe Container for Body-Based Facilitation
  • How to Stay Centered as You Facilitate:  Being in Hook-Up and Field Independent
  • How to Read a Body
  • How to use Movement Metaphors to  Anchor Healing Shifts for Lasting Change
  • Using Verbal Dialogue to Draw Out the Wisdom of the Body

Depending on the needs and desires of the group, the curriculum can be more oriented towards adapting these principles for existing coaching/therapy practices or oriented more towards actually doing Body Presence-style private sessions.  Most likely, the training will include a mixture of both these orientations.

Fee Structure:

The fee for the 5-month Training, including 10 sessions, personal feedback and bonus session is:

$1250, which is $250/month when paid in-full in advance

10% added, or $1,375 ($275/mo.) when fee paid in 2 installments

20% added, or $1,500 ($300/mo.) when paid on a monthly basis

Special payment arrangements can be discussed.