Why is Body-Centered Therapy (BCT) Needed?
Body-Centered Therapy is needed because there seems to be a hidden well-spring of pre-conscious impulses inside us which strongly influences our emotions, behavior, and physical well-being.  There is often a large gap between what we think we are and how our behavior actually comes out.  BCT bridges this gap, bringing these hidden impulses up to our conscious awareness, while expanding our whole sense of self. It’s all about knowing ‘who you are’ on every level of body, mind, behavior—the whole territory.


What are the Benefits from this Kind of Work?
With a greater sense of the source of our gut-level feelings, emotions, and physical “quirks,” we become less controlled by them. We can become creators in our life.  BCT can benefit anyone who wants to be more connected to their self and more integrated between body and mind.  You can use this approach to:
•    Connect to and express your personal power
•    Heal old hurts or injuries, transform chronic illnesses and strange physical symptoms
•    Increase your openness in relationships, find the work you love, and open your heart more to life.


What happens in a Body-Centered Therapy Session?
Body-Centered Therapy  deepens our intimacy with ourself through the wisdom of the body and by using the language of the body. A BCT private session explores the depths of our body-mind connection, using a synergistic blend of emotional dialogue, bodywork,  breath & movement re-patterning, and deep insights to unravel your inner stories.