Intrinsic Movement

Moving Authentically From the Inside-Out

“It’s not that we do movement; we are movement” –Emily Conrad

As we dive into Intrinsic Movement, we explore and follow the tracks of the subtler impulses of inner movement down to their Source…and move from There.  Your moving self moves your Self.  In the process, more of your core nature is unfolded and integrated—and your creative juices richly flow.

Intrinsic Movement, as taught by Michael Starfield, combines elements from:

Authentic Movement

Diving deep within to tease out your most natural impulses of movement and gently support their spontaneous flow and expression.

Continuum (Emily Conrad)

Explore the interwoven continuum—all the energies, sound vibrations, and fluid dynamics that make up ourselves as fields of movement.

Trager Mentastics (Milton Trager)

Experience your “wave” nature through effortless movement play that helps you let go…and surrender to the field of gravity.