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Evolutionary Coaching to Align Body, Emotions & Spirit

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Let the body’s doing speak openly now, without you saying a word, for this one knows more clearly than I, the way…”   –Rumi

An emerging new body of research has revealed the majesty of the inner intelligence residing in our bodymind. Those who can access their body’s inner language—the gut-level feelings, the heart’s desires, and what moves them (and what doesn’t)—navigate through life with much greater power and integration.

Body-Centered Therapy (BCT) deepens our intimacy with ourself through the wisdom of the body and by using the language of the body. A BCT private session explores the depths of our bodymind connection, using a synergistic blend of emotional dialogue, bodywork,  breath & movement re-patterning, and insightful creativity.

Body-Centered Therapy is needed because there seems to be a hidden well-spring of pre-conscious impulses inside us which strongly influences our emotions, behavior, and physical well-being.  There is often a large gap between what we think we are and how our behavior actually comes out.  BCT bridges this gap, bringing these hidden impulses up to our conscious awareness, while expanding our whole sense of self. It’s all about knowing ‘who you are’ on every level of body, mind, behavior—the whole territory.

With a greater sense of the source of our gut-level feelings, emotions, and physical “quirks,” we become less controlled by them. We can become creators in our life.  BCT can benefit anyone who wants to be more connected to their self and more integrated between body and mind.  You can use this approach to:

  • Connect to and express your personal power
  • Heal old hurts or injuries, transform chronic illnesses and strange physical symptoms
  • Find a whole-body YES in strategic decision-making, increasing your “bottom line”
  • Neutralize fear patterns that inhibit appropriate risk-taking
  • Increase your openness in relationships, find the work you love, and open your heart more to life.

BCT works in gentle, but powerful ways.  We work to unravel the energy and story underlying the deeply-held emotional patterns that live somatically in our bodies.  The natural conflict between opposing desires (such as freedom vs. intimacy) often creates an internal friction that manifests as physical and emotional symptoms.  I help you to find a deeper synthesis that embraces and integrates these seemingly irreconcilable desires.  The result is greater peace, wholeness and an expanded sense of Self.  We find that these limiting patterns can actually become the aperture through which our greatest gifts unfold.

Nothing is new under the sun.  As I created my own particular synthesis for Body-Centered Therapy–called Body Presence— I drew upon numerous body-mind approaches, including Focusing, Hakomi, depth and process-oriented psychology and various body & movement therapies.  Private sessions, about 1 1/4 hours in length, are a creative blend of these approaches based upon the particular need.  Equal time is spent accessing our inner wisdom and also integrating these experiences into our body for long-lasting sustainability.

We can explore a particular issue of your choice, or more often we let the body speak its own desire for attention.  Either way, Body-Centered Therapy sessions are always insightful, archetypal, and gently powerful explorations of your own inner wisdom.

“We must re-enact the stories of our soul”   James Hillman

Session Fees:  $200 US for 1 1/4– 1 1/2 Session; including 30 min. follow-up Integration session
                             Or, $150 US for 1 1/4 hr. Session only
All sessions available via Skype video.