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And then the Force is with you in all your initiatives

Essence Statement                                                                                                      The secret to manifesting anything great lies in moving from your core essence—the source of your individualized brand of energy and power that is your unique contribution in the world.

I support you in finding your core essence and drawing out its full expression, and then I help you to stay on-track to realize its full potential amidst all the challenges out there.

I combine my skills as a body-centered therapist and producer/promoter of major events to grow your seed idea from the subtlest inner impulse to well-positioned & -branded outer success in all of its glory.

There are so many areas of support that you will need as you manifest your full vision, but one of the most important is the inside-out growth of your initial seed idea.  Your work with me in Core Essence Marketing (COM) is excellent insurance to ensure your success.

Structure:  6 Sessions Over 6 Weeks, including                                               3 Private Sessions + 3 Follow-up Briefs                                                   Worth its Weight in Gold for Success Empowerment!

Read on for the full story…


The Power of Riding the Big Wave

You know what it feels like to be deeply connected to your core.  You know that feeling, because we’ve all had it…especially when we’re on a roll.  It feels like you’re riding  the crest of one of those Big Waves.  Nothing can stop you, because you are in the right place at the right time.

The secret to catching that wave is diving deep enough into your Core Essence to find the power and potency that drives you.  It drives you, because it IS you–your very essence.  The activity and mission that makes you feel fully alive.

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” ― Howard Thurman

Let’s make it crystal clear how important this is…

To the degree that you are aligned with your core, you will manifest success.  To the degree that you are slightly off your core, you will be diverted from what you really want to create.

When you want to shoot for the moon, being only one degree off course over that great distance will shoot you in a direction where you miss your mark.

How Do We Get Off-Track?

If connecting to our core impulse is so natural, how do we ever get off-track in the first place?  We end up listening to our conditioned responses, rather than our most potent innate voice.  Years of old habit patterns create a groove where we respond to pressures from time, pressures from money, family pressures, and all those voices of responsibility.  Sound familiar?  Each of these voices slightly distorts our core drives and desires…and then we end up one degree off the mark and miss the moon.

Staying in Our Zone

To really stay in our zone in a sustainable way, we need to access our core nature.  My goal is to support you to find this deepest part of your core essence and to align you with this source of power  that drives success…and then keep you on track, moving with these energies at every stage of manifestation.

This is a birthing process done right. I guess you could call me a mid-man, to birth all your creative and manifesting potential.

What’s the Difference With This Approach?

There’s a powerful movement happening for people to go beyond the desires and constructs of their minds.  People have been moving into a heart space, using their emotional intelligence to allow their desires to flourish more fully.  This is a move in the right direction, but something is still missing.  We also need to access our instinctual body intelligence.

This is our gut-level primal response that gives tremendous grounding to the expansion of our heart.  When you access this core body intelligence, your core body center, you have the capacity to really move, ground and manifest your love in the world.

And it’s even more than this.  We want to find the wholeness that embraces both our mind, our heart and our gut.  Then you have a synergy that can move mountains.  I’ve seen this over and over again with clients I’ve worked with.  They try to make decisions  from just one part  of themselves, forgetting that the real  magic comes when you move from Wholeness.  This is the foundation of any real success in the world, both in outer success and the inner fulfillment that always lies at our core.

My Qualifications to Support Your Biggest Desires and Ventures

There are a lot of great therapists out there—those gifted ones who know how to work and transform body and emotional challenges.  They know how to work on the subtle level and move you from the inside-out.  With 25 years experience as a therapist, I can also work at  depth with the best of them…but these skills are counter-balanced by 30 years of experience as a producer of major events.  I have over 300 productions in theater, music, dance, audio and video under my belt, including the 2009 reunion of the remaining Beatles and productions with Moby, the Beach Boys, and Jim Carrey.  Major real-world productions.

Each of these productions are virtually like a new business startup.  The entire genesis of a new venture, compressed into a 6-8 week production schedule.  I also promote many of my events, so I really understand the positioning and branding of new products and ideas.  This all means that I can go subtle, in covering and supporting your innermost impulses…as well as tracking their real-world marketing potential at every stage of the game.

With this skill blend, I’m uniquely qualified to support manifesting your core essence and full expression in the outer world with all of its challenges.  Been there, done that, many times. Now it’s your turn….



What You Get:

  • Three 75-90 Minute Private Focus Sessions                                             1.  Knowing & anchoring your core essence                                             2.  Owning your unique core brand energy                                               3.  Moving your creative power into the world 
  • Three 30 Minute Follow-up  Integration Sessions
  • Ongoing Email/Chat Support

What You Give:

  • Fearless Openness to Get Down to Your Core
  • Receptive Transparency to Clear Any Doubts or Resistance
  • A $1,000 Investment in Your Guaranteed Success 

Special Introductory Offer: Only $1,000 


Feedback from Clients

Michael Sternfeld is truly one of a kind. Not only is he unmatched in his capacity to penetrate deeply into the essence of an idea or project–either involving an individuals or organization–he also excels in delineating practical avenues for manifestation from that deep source. And all this always with an eye toward personal and societal transformation. I was blown away early on in my first session and continue to be.
Ed Sarath, Professor of Music & Director, Program in Creativity and Consciousness Studies, University of Michigan

“From my personal experience working with Michael on my company New Mavericks I can say he is a world-class producer and highly skilled intuitive marketer. He helped us find the combined core essence of our personal vision and professional branding–Integrated Success–and then got major media exposure for us on which spilled over into multiple other media channels. He has a gift for combining inner work with outer marketing and success.”
Raamon Newman, Founder & CEO, New Mavericks

“Michael Sternfeld’s A-list producer’s skills, coupled with his unrivaled intuitiveness, made him the creative perfect partner for my journey in the production of “Mysteries Of Love”, a short film/music video to accompany my recent collaboration with iconic composer Angelo Badalamenti. His unmistakable instinct, intense focus and powerful dedication to the project, made this not just a successful video, but an unforgettable learning experience on a deep personal level.”
Elena Charbila (Kid Moxie), musician/actress

“Michael is a rare find, for he has deep and penetrating feel for the authentic exploration of both our inner and outer journey. For those brave enough to venture into their deep interior, he has an unparalleled ability to open the inner doors to freedom and self-expression. I love working with Michael because his gentle processes get me clear real quick, he turns dilemmas into delights, and he brings a rare combination of perception and guidance into the shadowy levels of our being where we can get lost in getting found. He not only brings these subtle skills in his one-on-one sessions, but he is also a wonderful facilitator of group process, always insightful, gentle, clear and strong.
Julian Noel, SHINE, Sydney, Australia